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This agreement describes the terms and conditions applicable to the use of the services offered by SeguroInteligente.mx, a registered INTERprotección Insurance and Surety Agent, SA de CV (hereinafter “SeguroInteligente  mx “); within the  www.segurointeligente.mx portal  (hereinafter “Site”) to you (hereinafter the “User”).

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To access a product or service, information, or other material provided by the Site

Registration Is required, or provide certain information, so the User is bound to complete this process, providing

SeguroInteligente.mx true, current, complete and accurate information.

SeguroInteligente.mx not responsible for the information (hereinafter “Personal Data”) provided in these processes by the user. The user, in any case, is responsible and guarantees the validity, accuracy, completeness and accuracy of the personal data entered.

SeguroInteligente.mx is not responsible for errors or delays in responding to any request for quotation, information or service request resulting from outdated, false, incomplete or inaccurate information provided by the user.

SeguroInteligente.mx reserves the right to reject any application for registration or cancel a registration previously accepted, without obligation to communicate or explain the reasons for such  decision without implying any right to compensation or redress.

Be Informed of our privacy and handling of personal data policies, we commit to the following:

1) The information we request in the contact form will only be used to establish contact

with you regarding your request.

2) The data you enter in the contact  form will not be published, distributed or sold.

3) Should  you wish your data be removed from our database you may at any time request such removal via email to leyproteccion@inter.mx

The User accesses a personal space on the site through the entry of email address and password (the “Password”), and is bound to maintain the confidentiality of such password in any respect

You may not  disclose the password to any individual or entity, or allow any other natural person or legal person to access the Site using such Password. The User is bound to notify SeguroInteligente.mx immediately of any unauthorizedof use of any password or any other  security breach he becomes aware of.

Services offered

SeguroInteligente.mx recommends and proposes financial products. SeguroInteligente.mx is an insurance agent, products, prices and services offered to User through the Site are responsibility of insurers, thereby the User must rely on his sole judgment and decide which product and service meet needs satisfactorily.

A unless stated otherwsise expressly and in writing by SeguroInteligente.mx, no content herein is a promise of product or service, or specific price.

The User understands and agrees that by clicking “Send” any other or similar button on the site, he is: (i) submitting an inquiry or quotation of a product or service to SeguroInteligente.mx and each of the vendors or insurers who valuate such consultation or quote satisfactorily, (ii) authorizes expressly to such vendors or insurance to get in touch with the User via email, telephone or any other means the User enters.  In order to satisfy the query or quotation, and (iii) authorizes SeguroInteligente.mx to submit your inquiry or quotation and information to such vendors or insurers also agrees that such information sent in the consultation or quotation can be saved, whether or not the product is bought  or the service is used, or if the User contacts them or not.


SeguroInteligente.mx is an insurance broker and not an insurance company. All insurance information provided on the Site, including, without limitation to: the prices, promotions, items, and any other information or materials, is provided solely with  informational and educational purposes and is not to  be considered as conclusive by the user. SeguroInteligente.mx makes no warranties, and expressly disclaims any warranties, express or implied, including, without limitation, any warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of suchinsurance  information.

Insurance information can be construed as advice from SeguroInteligente.mx the

user, however it should be taken as a general advice regarding particular situations should be presented directly to SeguroInteligente.mx. The terms and conditions of any insurance policy, the choice of the most convenient insurance policy, and any other terms and similar service will only determined by the insurance companies. The User must request, to SeguroInteligente.mx and / or insurance company the general conditions

of the insurance policy, and carefully review any written documentation available regarding such policy.

Participating insurers and SeguroInteligente.mx,  a registered trademark of INTERprotección Insurance broker  and Surety, SA de CV reserve the right to review the status of the selfinsured at any time before or after contracting the policy.


All content of the site is provided solely for informational and guidance for purchasing insurance via web  and is not intended to give a detailed breakdown of all the products in the market, thus SeguroInteligente.mx does not guarantee that there are no other products in the market.

The content of the Site may include inaccuracies or typographical errors, for which SeguroInteligente.mx assumes no liability. SeguroInteligente.mx does not guarantee the accuracy veracity of the information provided by insurance companies, nor guarantees the compliance of the same quality or accuracy of such products and / or services, or guarantee compliance force applicable to the marketing of such products and / or services.

SeguroInteligente.mx assumes no obligation to the User and is limited only to the publication of product data and how such data has been provided by such companies. SeguroInteligente.mx is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information given which has been published , or is provided to users in the same way they are provided by insurers to SeguroInteligente.mx.

Using internet and the site

SeguroInteligente. mx assumes no liability for damages or losses you may suffer caused by system, server or Internet failures, nor for any viruses that may infect

the User’s Computer resulting from access, use or Site examination or upon any transfer of data, files, images, text, or audio contained therein. Users may not impute to SeguroInteligente.mx responsibility or demand payment for lost profits, under loss resulting from technical difficulties or of system, server or onInternet failures. SeguroInteligente.mx does not guarantee uninterrupted access and continued use of the Site.

The system may be temporarily unavailable due to technical difficulties or Internet failures, or any other circumstances unrelated to  SeguroInteligente.mx. in such cases it will seek to restore it as quickly possible without responsibility to SeguroInteligente.mx


Users are forbidden ,without limitation to use of the Site  (i) to post or transmit sexually explicit or obscene material; (ii) to post or transmit information whose content is, directly or indirectly, transgressive, profane, abusive, slanderous and / or

fraudulent; (iii) post or transmit files that contain viruses or other destructive instances that may affect the normal functioning of a third party computer  and / or the Site; (iv) to violate any applicable law, whatever its  nature, international, national, provincial or municipal; (v) use our services using a false, misleading, nonexistent name  either as a natural or legal person; (vi) post or transmit information owned by third parties or which may adversely affect the image and / or the rights of others; and (vii) provide products or services, whether owned and / or belonging to third parties.


The Site as a whole, unless otherwise expressly indicated, is protected by international laws and treaties regarding copyright, trademarks, patents, models and industrial designs, so is all content and not limited to:  text, images, files, databases and other materials offered via this Site which are owned by or licensed SeguroInteligente.mx for the exclusive use of SeguroInteligente.mx. Misuse as well as total or partial reproduction of these contents is prohibited, unless authorized in writing by SeguroInteligente.mx.

Also the Site may contain links to other sites which are not necessarily owned or operated by SeguroInteligente.mx. Therefore, and considering that SeguroInteligente.mx has no control over these sites SeguroInteligente.mx will not be liable for the contents, text, images, actions and / or services provided by them, nor for damages or losses you may suffer as a result of use thereof, whether caused directly or  indirectly. The presence of links to other sites does not imply a partnership, relationship, approval, endorsement from

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The User shall indemnify and hold harmless SeguroInteligente.mx, its affiliates, subsidiaries and / or controlling,officers, directors, representatives, employees, suppliers and third party partners from any claim or demand for  other users or third parties for their activities on the Site or the breach of the Terms and Conditions of Use and other

policies that are deemed incorporated herein or for the violation of any law or rights of others, including reasonable attorneys fees.

Amendments to the terms and conditions

SeguroInteligente.mx reserves the right to modify, add or remove in whole or in part these terms and conditions of use, as well as any other term, guideline or rule. The changes will be reported to the User in this section stating the date of the latest update within five days of such published modifications,should the User not accept them he  must notify by e-mail  clicking here; then SeguroInteligente.mx will proceed to remove from its database all the information related to that User. After this period the User shall be deemed to accept the modified terms and conditions.

Law and Jurisdiction

You agree that any conflict of interest or disagreements that may arise from the use of the Site shall be resolved in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic or Mexico submitting to the venue of the competent courts in Mexico City, DF, expressly waiving any other venue that may correspond arising from any present or future address.


SeguroInteligente.mx sets its address for any notification or communication regarding these terms and conditions at Carretera Picacho Ajusco 130 Desp. 803 Col. Jardines in the Mountain, CP 14210, Tlalpan, México DF