Insurance for Institutions


Directors and Officers Policy: D & O

Protects the personal assets of directors and officers, as well as the assets of the company arising from financial losses result of claims by third parties for decisions made  managing of the Company

Professional Liability Policy : E & O

Covers third party claims against the insured arising from poor performance (or alleged poor performance) of their professional services. The most common professions seeking this coverage are: Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Accountants, Notaries, Software Developers, among others.

Commercial Crime Policy:Crime

Protects companies for damages from crimes committed either with the purpose of the insured to incur in losses or to gain financial profit of any person, employee or not

Comprehensive Insurance Banking: BBB

Designed especially for financial institutions in order to cover comprehensively all the risks associated with its business both in crimes person to  person  as well as  electronic and computer crimes.

Cybercrime Policy

Protects companies from any intrusion into their information systems, either in situations involving the Law on protection of personal data, Ciberextorsión, physical damage to equipment or information hosted on them .

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