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Casanueva Pérez, S.A.P.I. de C.V., subsidiaries and affiliates (INTERprotección)

Manager Identification and primary purpose of data handling

Casanueva Pérez, S.A.P.I. de C.V., subsidiaries and affiliates (INTERprotección), with address at Av. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra No. 301, Torre Sur, Piso 17, Colonia Granada, Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, C. P. 11520, México D.F., will process personal data obtained from you for the following purposes as applicable:

For candidates:

Determine whether you can be a candidate for a position within INTERprotección through the assessment for recruitment, investigation as well as socio economic and psychometric studies.

For collaborators:

Guarantee  rights and obligations inherent to the employment relationship such as sending information to social security institutions, the granting of social security benefits, the arranging a fidelity bond, extension of other and/or additional benefits to those INTERprotección provides his collaborators with.

Personal data to be handled

For the purposes above mentioned, the following personal data will be processed: name, age, address, birth date, phone number, mobile phone number, email, academic records, employment history, name and age of beneficiaries, taxpayers id , marital status,  voting id number, Social Security Number, immigration status, driver’s license number, number of Military Service  (men only); the following financial data: revenue in previous jobs, number and type of bank accounts, loans, Afore, insurance; the following economic data: movable and real assets and/or properties, and sensitive data the following: health status (past, present and future).

Regarding the sensitive personal data mentioned above, the Manager agrees that the handling will be absolutely necessary for such purposes and will be treated under appropriate security measures to protect confidentiality.

Please note that to handle , financial asset sensitive, and data indicated, we need your express consent:

Sensitive data:

  • Health, past, present and future.

Financial data:

  • Number and type of Bank Accounts
  • Income previous jobs
  • Insurance and Afore
  • Credits

Patrimonial data:

  • Movable and real assets and/or property

Secondary handling purposes and mechanisms to express refusal of handling  for these purposes.

Additionally, we use your personal information for the following secondary objectives:

  1. Refer and / or exchange professional data with people and companies outside INTERprotección;
  2. Marketing or advertising.

In case you do not want your personal data to be processed for these purposes, you have a maximum of 5 working days to communicate this to the Address eyprotecció

The refusal to use your personal data for these purposes, shall not be grounds for denying recruitment.

Exercise of ARCO rights

The Manager has appointed an Officer of personal data (the “Privacy Officer”), so you can limit the use or disclosure of your personal data by communication addressed to the Privacy Officer at following email: leyprotección@inter. mx (the “Contact Address”).

Also, as of January 6, 2012, you have the right to: (i) access your personal data in our possession and know the details of the handling thereof, (ii) rectify if inaccurate or incomplete (iii) cancel when considered they are not required for any of the purposes identified in this Privacy Notice, are being used for non consensual  purposes or the contractual or service relation has concluded, or (iv) oppose the treatment of same for specific purposes as the law says, (collectively, the ” ARCO Rights”).

ARCO Rights shall be exercised by submitting the respective application (the “ARCO Application”) which shall be submitted to the Privacy Officer to the Contact Address accompanied by the following information and documentation:

I. Your name, address and email to communicate the answer to the ARCO request.

II. Proof of identity documents (copy of the official voters id, passport or other official identification) or where applicable, documents as legal representation proof.

III. A clear and accurate personal data description for which such  ARCO Rights are sought.

IV. Any document or information to help find the personal data

When requesting a data correction required modifications must be included as well as the supporting documentation thereof.

V. The indication of the place where the original accompanying documents can be reviewed

Your ARCO  request will be answered via email by the Privacy Officer within a maximum period of 20 working days from the date such ARCO request is received. Should the  request is answered affirmatively ARCO or appropriate such changes will be made within a 15 day period maximum. The periods herein may be extended only once for an equal period, if required.

It is relevant to note that Manager may deny access (the “Negative”) so that you exercise your ARCO Rights in the following cases:

I. When you are not the owner of the personal data or his legal representative is not duly empowered  to exercise through him, your ARCO Rights,

II. When such personal data is not in our database;

III. When third party rights are being injured;

IV. Where there is a legal obstacle or resolution of a competent authority, which restricts such ARCO Rights; and

V. When such rectification, cancellation or opposition has been previously made.

In connection with the above, the refusal may be partial, in which case the Manager will access, rectify, cancel or oppose the applicable part.

Manager will always inform the reason for its decision to the interested party,or its legal representative, within the above established deadlines, via email, attaching, when appropriate, relevant evidence.

The exercise of ARCO Rights will be free of charge, subject to identity proof upon the Manager, but if the request is reiterated in less than twelve months, the costs will be three days of general minimum wage in the Federal District, plus VAT unless there are substantial changes in the Privacy Notice that require new requests. In any case delivery of personal data will be free of charge, excepting justified delivery expenses or tos arising from reproductions copies or other formats which will be charged to the interested party.

You are informed that your personal data may be forwarded within or without the country  to those in charge in a manner consistent with the purpose of the handling and the legal nature of the relation between you and the Manager.

Transfers of Personal Data

Personal data referred to herein may be transferred to Mexican financial authorities,so as to comply with tax laws and obligations, as well as notifications or official requirements.

In case of any transfer of your data, for which your consent is required, we will inform you so as to secure it.

Video surveillance and access Offices

In order to preserve the security of the area and the people who have access to our offices, we have fixed video audioless cameras and closed circuit television systems for real time imaging, which can be stored in such a device as per our security measures.

Individual access to our office building requires a name and photograph registration. This allows us to collect the data for future visits and make the visitor identifiable as such during the stay at our offices.

Personal data are collected as mentioned in full compliance with the obligations regarding the protection of personal data practices and in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Privacy Notice.

Use of cookies and web beacons

You are informed that our web site uses cookies and web beacons, technologies which makes it possible to monitor behavior of Internet users and thus provide better service and user experience when browsing our page.

Personal data collected from these tracking technologies are: name, IP address, and represented company, in order to obtain information regarding your browsing habits, following links and sites you visit.

These technologies can be disabled following the steps set forth  in our website

Quality purpose call recording 

Please note that in order to provide quality services, telephone calls we receive in INTERprotección may be recorded or monitored.

Mechanism for Withdrawing Consent

Finally, if you decide to withdraw your consent for the Manager  as to stop carrying out the handling of personal data, or you  object to the transfer thereof,a request must be sent to revoke consent to the  Contact Address, which must enclose attached in the email  proof of identity documents (official voting id, passport or other official identification)  or where applicable, proof of representation and indication of where the original documents can be made available.

For the procedure and requirements for withdrawal of consent, you may contact our Privacy Officer at the following email: leyprotecció

Changes or updates to Privacy Policy

The Manager reserves the right to make changes at any time or update this Privacy Notice, with the understanding that any amendments thereto will be made known by posting a notice on our website, thus we recommend frequent  verification thereof.

As long as you do not oppose to this Privacy Notice consent will be deemed as granted to processing of data.

Last updated August 2015.