Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does my policy expire?

The cover of your policy displays its validity (“from … until”). The only case in which you should consider the status of your payments is if you chose monthly quarterly or biannual payments

  • When will my policy be renewed?

At INTERproteccón the renewal process starts 30 days before it falls due, with the purpose of delivering your new policy before the actual expiration.

Any questions  on the policy renewal can be resolved with our executives at 01 55 5255-9200

If you have a group policy your company can also inform you on such renewal

  • Where can I check my policy number?

You can find your policy number on the policy cover, in the detailed conditions you received when the policy was issued and in your receipts.

  • What should I do in case of a car accident

In case of a collision

Report the accident immediately  to the insurance company

You will be asked for:

1.- Number of the policy from your insurance company

2.- Location of the accident and some reference to make it easier to find

3.- Description of the vehicle (your own and any other third parties involved),

Do not forget to ask for the name of the insurance adjuster in charge, write down the time when the report was made in the number of the accident.

General recommendations

  • Remain calm and verify that nobody has been hurt
  • Do not abandon the vehicle unless it is a matter of force majeure, absolutely necessary
  • Keep on hand your driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance policy.
  • Do not make any personal arrangement or sign any agreement or accept any responsibility, leave the accident issues in the hands of the insurance adjuster and/or your lawyer..
  • Once the  statement is prepared the insurance adjuster will give you a copy and will issue  an admission slip for the vehicle repairs.
  • Be sure to keep a copy of the documents delivered by the insurance adjuster in a safe place and should they be required (original)  delivered to your insurance company or provider ( accident report  and admission slip).
  • Keep a copy of the insurance policy in your house or office.

In case of robbery

1.- Keep calm do not resist

2.- Report it immediately to your insurance company, ask for assistance as to how to report the theft to the authorities.

3.- Make the  theft report upon the corresponding authorities (Public prosecutors,Federal Highway Police, local authorities  among others).

4.- Once the theft report has been made, call again your insurance company to report the theft and make sure you write down the Incident number,

After the report has been made:

1.- Return to the public Prosecutor Office with the vehicle original invoice  to  “Establish Ownership” thereof.

2.- Certify the theft Report, which must include precisely and clearly the description and characteristics of the vehicles such as make, model, serial number, engine number, license plates exactly as they appear in the invoice.

3.- It is very important that this document has the following:



Serial number:

Engine number:

Model (year):

License plates:

Invoice number with which  ownership has been established (date issued and name of the  issuing company)

Original seals of the issuing authority.

In case of an incident do get in touch with your insurance company to be assisted and give you immediate attention, you can also reach your INTERprotección executive act 01 55 5255 9200.

  • If I am a user of Ready Insurance (Seguro Listo) Portal, what information can I retrieve?

You must have your user and password as provided by your insurance company, the Ready Insurance Portal will help you quote, issue and pay your policy on line.  you can also check your policies and download your renovations

Your INTERprotección executives will assist you on any questions you may have dialing  01  55  5255  9200.

  • What does my Medical Expenses Insurance cover?

The coverage of your Medical Expenses Insurance will depend on the type of insurance you have taken, you can contact your insurance company or your INTERprotección executive  dialing  01  55  5255  9200.

  • How long do I have to make my policy payments  and/or subsequent receipts?

As per article 40 of the Insurance Contract Law, you have 30 days to pay the first receipt end at the the effective date of the subsequent receipts