About Inter


National Quality Award

· First and only company in the insurance sector to obtain this recognition.

Highest distinction awarded by the President of Mexico to companies that represent the national benchmark of innovation, competitiveness and sustainability

ISO 9001-2008:

· Fifteenth years straight.

· Reasinter and INTERrprotección have been certified under the international standard in
quality issues, being among the first certified Latin American companies.

Socially Responsible Company:

· Fourth consecutive year.

· Distinction awarded to companies that are committed to socially responsible management
as part of their culture and business strategy.

· INTERprotección participates so as to to reassert its social commitment to its stakeholders
contributing to the construction of the common good.

· Audited by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI)

Best Mexican Companies:

· Fourth consecutive year.

· Distinction granted to private Mexican medium sized enterprises for their high performance
business management. Best business practiced evaluation is based on a business model
documentation process.

· Audited by Banamex, Deloitte and Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Top Companies / Super Businesses:

· Tenth consecutive year

· Distinction granted to the companies for their practices in organizational culture and

· Through surveys with collaborators and policies, practices and programs documentation,
INTERprotección was positioned in 12th place in the category of companies with fewer than
500 employees.

· Audited by Top Companies; published in Expansion magazine

Family Responsible Company:

· Eighth consecutive year from effective certification until 2016.

· Distinction based on labor practices assessment of companies in gender equality matters,
elimination of workplace violence and work-family balance.

· Companies are ranked by good labor practices documentation in the three axes and an
audit visit.

· Audited by the Labor and Social Welfare Department.

Inclusive Company:

· Second consecutive year from effective certification until 2016.

· Designation which recognizes companies with good labor practices, for equal
opportunities, inclusion, development and nondiscrimination

· Companies are evaluated based on good labor practices documentation and an audit visit.

· Audited by the Labor and Social Welfare Department.

Gender Equality Model:

· Twelfth consecutive year

· GEM is a strategy for private companies, such that gender perspective in their
organizational culture equality conditions can be achieved for women and men in their work

· INTERprotección has incorporated these principles of fairness to their own culture of
values, implementing affirmative action in favor of their personnel.

· Audited by the National Institute for Women (INMUJERES)

Global Compact:

· Third consecutive year.

· INTERprotección is attached to the 10 principles. Since 2013 is an active participant
in this United Nations initiative for Human Rights rights, labor rights, the environment and
the fight against corruption.